On November 5, 2009, Mt. Carmel High School became a charter member of the national Tri-M Music Honor Society, Chapter 6120. Students from both the Choir and Music departments at MCHS were invited to become members, providing that they had been in a top choir or a top music group for at least one year and had a GPA of at least 3.0.

Tri-M is the international honor society recognizing secondary music students for their musical ability, academic excellence, school involvement, and community service.

Click here for the 2019-20 Tri-M Student Acceptance Form sample.

Click here for the 2019-20 Tri-M Invitation Letter

Among the Founding Members of Tri-M at MCHS were choir members:

  • Rachael Anduze
  • Tyler Barnes
  • Alicia Bartick
  • Cynthia Bush
  • Alex Egan
  • Scott Hanson
  • Jennifer Martin
  • Serena McClintick
  • Brynn Nelson
  • Sandy Shyu
  • Brian Stoops
  • Linda Wang
  • Linli Wang

Current Members:

  • Victoria Apodaca
  • Grace Asaro
  • Kamila Fe
  • Johanna Kapsis
  • Kennedy Levinson
  • Andrew Oabel
  • Radha Patwardhan
  • Angela Saldivar
  • Prajna Shreedar

    This chapter’s purpose “shall be to inspire music participation, to create enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate desire to render service, and to promote leadership in the music students of the school.”

    The Tri-M Music Honor Society logo is rich in symbolism. The three Ms stand for “Modern Music Masters,” the society’s original name. Music is represented by the lyre and the scroll, which denote accomplishment and service. The five lines of the music staff indicate the five criteria upon which members are selected: scholarship, character, cooperation, leadership, and service.